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Studios for 2 persons
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Two bedroom apartments for 4 to 6 persons
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Welcome to - Peljesac travel services web site

 Orebic, Peljesac, CroatiaWelcome to Peljesac web site. We will not provide you general Peljesac information, climate and weather, beaches and walking paths, monuments and history etc... All of that you can find on our other web site - Peljesac information pages.
Our mission is to help you with actual services you may need while planning your holidays in this area, or while visiting this area. will present you or provide you with:

 - Arrival information and transport services, both public, charter and transfers;

- Accommodation services: hotels, hostels, B&B's, guesthouses, self catering apartments, rooms and villas;
- Rentals: rent a car, bika and motorbike rentals, boat rentals, different equipment rentals;
- Excursions: sightseeing tours to different Peljesac areas, Dubrovnik, Korcula, Mostar and Medjugorje, Neretva river delta; different sport and adventure tours (biking, hiking, photo safaries etc.); different activities trips: wine tasting, traditional boat rides....
- Activities: windsurfing, hunting, diving, sailing, snorkeling, hiking, biking...

... and everything else which could make your holidays in Peljesac more convinient to organize, more fun - to make it possible for you to experience more while here.

All of this is provided by travel agency Croatia holidays - based in Orebic on Peljesac.


Accommodation in hotels, apartments, rooms and VIllas in Orebic and on Peljesac

 Our primary service is helping you with accommodation in houses, villas, apartments and rooms on Peljesac. We are localy based, with two information points in Orebic - so we can provide you both the best choice of accommodation, and highest quality service on site.
As our accommodation offer grows daily, it's a bit hard to locate the most adequate offers on our website. To help you with this - here are few links and advices.

These are the most common types of apartments we're offering you:

1. Apartments for 2-3 persons

These are most suitable for a couple, or young family with baby or a small child. Mostly those are 'studio apartments' - having both kitchennete and sleeping area in one large room, but some have separate bedroom as well. Some houses offer several units of this type - along with some large common areas - so they can also serve as good holiday base for bigger group.
Click here to see our choice of 2 persons apartments on Peljesac
Click here to see our choice of 3 persons apartments on Peljesac

2. Apartments for 2-4 persons

Simple, very comfortable for 2 persons, affordable combination for family with 2 children - these consist of one bedroom, kitchen with dining room with sofa bed for 2, bathroom and balcony or a terrace:

Click here to see our choice of 2 - 4 persons apartments on Peljesac

3. Apartments for 4-6 persons

Apartment units for 4 to 6 persons are already proper family flats. Those normally have 2 bedrooms, kitchen with dining room, one or two bathrooms and a balcony or terrace. These are suitable for a family, or two adult couples, even two three member families with small children. Some of those have separate living room, or two-three bathrooms.

Click here to see our choice of 4 - 6 persons apartments on Peljesac


3. Apartments and houses for 6 and more persons

For large family, or an organized groups of friends along with 3 or more double bedrooms, most of these offer some spare beds - either in the bedrooms or in a kitchen/dining room. 6+2 means 3 double bedroom

Apartments on Peljesac with 3 double bedrooms + spare beds
Apartments on Peljesac with 4 double bedrooms + spare beds


Croatia holidays rentals:

Rent a car in Orebic and on Peljesac

We can offer you wide choice of cars and motorcycles to rent in broader Orebic area.

As we cooperate with all car hire companies in the region, we can provide you with complete availability information and the best prices.

Here is our price list, you can either pick a class/type or exact model of car you want.

Accommodation on Peljesac:
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